In-House Benefits Program

Dental insurance coverage is notoriously disadvantageous for patients. Monthly premiums are expensive, increase frequently, and coverage is limited at best. At Synergy Dental, we are offering a solution. Our unique In-House Benefits Program is an opportunity for our uninsured patients to get affordable care at a fraction of the cost of dental insurance. Patients who feel chained to their dental insurance companies now have an alternative and an opportunity to cut out the middle man.

The risk involved with using an insurance company is that you may be paying high premiums each month and never need any treatment at all in excess of cleanings. This is exactly the scenario insurance companies love – they profit, you continue to pay your premiums and don’t file any claims. When treatment is necessary, most insurance companies won’t commit to an amount they’ll cover until after the claim has been filed – after you’ve already committed to the work. When treatment is covered, it’s rarely at more than 50%.

With your annual In-House Benefits subscription rate of $225 per person (less than $25/month!), or $600 per family* you receive:

  • Your first cleaning, full panel of xrays, and exam FREE (a $250 value!)
  • Your second cleaning, xrays, and exam at 50% off
  • ANY treatment you require throughout the year at a 15% discount from our already competitive prices

Our In-House Benefits Program takes the insurance company out of the equation.  For less than $25/month, you receive great benefits (the savings on the cleanings and check-ups alone is worth $375 a year!), and get whatever treatment you need at a great rate. Even if you don’t come in for the second cleaning, you’re already $50 ahead. You only pay for treatment if you need it, and when we remove the insurance company from the process, the decision about whether to have treatment and what treatment to have done is strictly between you and Dr. Ulm – right where it should be.

Dump your expensive insurance plan and cut out the middle man! Call us today at 801-701-2211 to ask how you and your family can benefit from our In-House Benefits Program.

*Family plan covers two adults and up to two children under the age of 18.  Each additional child may be covered for an additional annual subscription rate of $150/child.