Green Dentistry

Our philosophy of patient-centered dentistry applies not only to what happens to patients in our office, but also our impact on our community. The subject of green dentistry is not one often discussed, but we are nonetheless committed to reducing our impact on the environment in the following ways:

  • By practicing Mercury Safe dentistry.  Do a quick search on adverse health effects of mercury in dental fillings and you’ll find a host of differing opinions.  But no one disputes mercury’s toxic effect on our environment.   Waste from amalgam, the metal alloy filling material which is comprised of 50 – 55% mercury, has serious consequences when released into municipal water supplies.  Not only are we a mercury-free office, but we also practice safe removal and safe disposal of the amalgam fillings we remove.
  • By conserving water.  All of our operatory sinks have water-saving sensors installed, and we limit our use to two sinks.  Hand-sanitizer pumps in each operatory further reduce our water usage and help us maintain safe infection prevention protocol.
  • We are a paperless office, meaning all of our patient charts and records are kept digitally, eliminating the need for printing and wasting reams upon reams of paper.
  • Our commitment to recycling:  The city of Lindon does not offer curbside recycling, so Dr. Ulm personally removes all paper waste from the office and delivers it to a recycling facility.
  • Digital Xrays: By using digital rather than film-based xrays, we limit our patients’ exposure to harmful radiation, eliminate the need for harsh chemicals used to process xray film, and use a fraction of the electricity required for film-based xrays.

We believe strongly in practicing responsibility in every aspect of our business, including minimizing our impact on the environment.  Dentistry with a Conscience – it’s more than just a slogan.  It’s our promise.