"Even though they’re out of network for my insurance, I love going to this office. The people remember me each time, even 6 or 12 months later, and ask specific questions about my life. They’re always looking for more ways to ensure I’m healthy and all the work I’ve had done here was clean, efficient, and nearly painless (which is impressive if you know my history). I love this place."

~Brent L.

"I’m very picky about dentists and have had my fair share of dental work. Dr. Ulm is seriously the best. He’s very careful and only does the necessary work. I totally trust him and his whole office staff are very professional and knowledgeable. They will take the time to explain things and they actually care about your whole health and understand how the mouth relates to the rest of your body. (Very rare in a Dentist, but so crucial.) I won’t go to any other dentist. They go above and beyond and do a lot preventative measures that other dentists don’t like bacteria samples and ozone treatments. His hygienist is super great too (Sorry I can’t remember her name right now). I feel like she actually cares about the health and strength of my teeth and takes the time to clean them well."

~Lindsey P.

"Christina was excellent, quick, thorough, and gave me tips to understand what I need to do, I heard something new about flossing and scrubbing at the gum level that I never heard before. And Cami before her was excellent too."

~Linda W.

"I have been a patient of Dr. Ulm for years, and have loved the care and service I have received. I refer all of my friends."

~Jeremy W.

"Dr. Ulm and his team are fantastic! I have been a patient for several years and have been pleased with the service and care received."

~Lani (Mia) P.

"Everyone wants to feel safe at the thought of going to the dentist. When I go to Synergy Dental my blood pressure stays normal knowing how well they handle any dental issues! Plus their demeanor is 100% professional and they genuinely care."

~Cathy W.

"Dr Ulm, DMD and his staff are consummate professionals. Not only are they superb at rendering technically elite dental solutions, their bedside manner is superb. My 6 year old son felt a little discomfort in a tooth the other day and said, “Dad, we need to call Dr Ulm.” ‘That’ says a lot, especially in consideration of the multiple dental work he previously needed and underwent with Dr Ulm after a bike accident he had a number of months ago!"

~Maximus F.

"Great dental exam, Will see you in March."

~Geniel L.

"I’ve had a few dentists over the years (moved a few times). synergy Dental and Dr. Ulm is everything you would want them to be, good choice."

~Calvin G.

"Went in for cleaning. Had problem with one tooth which I figured would be addressed in the following appointment. They managed to squeeze some time to repair the tooth on the spot which saved me another trip."

~Shawn C.