Cleanings & Preventative Care

Our commitment to safe, biological dentistry extends to all areas of our practice, and cleanings are no exception.   Our hygienists are well-trained and educated and share our philosophy of safety and non-toxicity.  Not only do we have fluoride-free alternatives to every treatment in our office, including cleanings, but our hygienists are also well aware of the dangers of polishing mercury amalgam fillings and know to avoid them during checkups.  We also are one of the only dental practices in Utah offering ozone therapy during checkups as a safe and effective alternative to fluoride.

The importance of regular checkups cannot be stressed enough.  They are critical to good oral health, as well as to your health overall. Your mouth is the gateway to your body, and an unhealthy mouth will undoubtedly lead to health problems elsewhere.  Studies have shown that the same bacteria that causes gum disease and inflammation also causes heart disease. Kept unchecked, this bacteria travels through the body from the mouth to the heart, where the consequences can be life-threatening. Studies have linked periodontal disease to diabetes, heart disease, erectile dysfunction, and other health problems. Keeping your mouth healthy is as important as diet or exercise in keeping your heart healthy.

Regular check-ups also allow us to catch small problems early, when they can be treated easily and inexpensively.  One of the main tenets of biological dentistry is maintaining and conserving healthy enamel and providing the preventative care needed to keep the teeth you have healthy. A small cavity left untreated can rapidly lead to significant decay within the tooth, leading to pain and much more expensive procedures down the road. Filling a small cavity costs approximately 1/20th of what it costs to save the tooth once decay has reached the interior pulp chamber.  We believe strongly in maintaining natural teeth, but after decay has progressed beyond a certain point saving the tooth becomes difficult if not impossible.

In addition, a very small cavity may be treatable with alternative methods to “drilling and filling”, for example, with ozone treatment.  Ozone therapy is an inexpensive and safe alternative, but can only be used if a cavity is caught very early.  Regular checkups allow us not only to be good preventers of oral disease, but early detectors.  This early detection dramatically increases your treatment options and saves you money!  We also use ozone therapy routinely as a safe alternative to fluoride at cleanings and checkups to strengthen enamel, reduce tooth sensitivity, and prevent cavities.

Nearly every dental insurance plan covers two cleanings per year free of charge, and up to one cleaning per trimester for pregnant women.  For those without dental insurance or considering getting rid of their coverage, learn about our unique In-House Benefits Program.  For much less than dental insurance costs, you and your family can have great dental benefits right in our office, including access to important regular checkups.