Mercury-Safe Dentistry

A Mercury-Safe Dentist is a dentist who not only does not place mercury fillings (Mercury-Free), but is also trained to remove them using precautions to make the procedure as safe as possible for the patient as well as the dental staff.  As a SMART-certified dentist accredited with the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT), Dr. Ulm follows a strict amalgam-removal safety protocol:

The Facts about Mercury & Dental Amalgam

Mercury is not only a dangerous environmental contaminant, but a known toxin, second only to plutonium in toxicity to humans. Although claims have been made for over 100 years about the safety of mercury in dental amalgams, the science shows that mercury is not, in fact, “bound up” in amalgam, and mercury vapor can escape from fillings in amounts greater than the thresholds established by the EPA and OSHA.

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